Practical informations


The webpages of the 6th European Congress of Mathematics provides detailed information on Kraków, travelling to Kraków, border crodding, public transport etc. More general information service for tourists visiting Kraków is provided by an information servis Magiczny Kraków run by the City of Kraków.We shall provide only the information speciffic to our Conference

Arrival to the hotel Za Kolumnami

  1. From the airport
    • taxi, costs 60-100 PLN depending on traffic and daytime, can be paid with credit card
    • shuttle to the railway station Krakow Glowny, departures from a station ca. 300m away from the terminal, the fare is about 10 PLN, must be paid in cash either on board or in the ticket machine
    • bus
      • bus 208 goes directly to the hotel (take the stop Armii Krajowej (NOT: Armii Krajowej I), it is directly in front of the hotel (the other stop is ca. 500 m away), fare is 3,40 PLN, must be paid in cash either on board or in the ticket machine
      • buses 292 and 902 go to the railway station Krakow Glowny, fare is 3,40 PLN, must be paid in cash either on board or in the ticket machine
  2. From the railway station Krakow Glowny.
    • taxi, costs 20-40 PLN depending on traffic and daytime, look for cabs with displayed large phone numbers, do not take any other cab
    • bus 208 goes directly to the hotel, the most convenient stop is Miasteczko Studenckie AGH, then ask or look at the map
    • trams 4, 20, 14 go directly to the Pedagogical University, the stop is Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny, then it is a 10 minutes walk to the hotel
      A single fare for a bus or tram is 3 PLN. We recommend to buy a long term ticket covering all
      your stay in Cracow: 12 PLN/24 h, 20 PLN/48 h, 30 PLN/72 h, 40 PLN/week
      Consult the web page for more details.
  3. Coming by car

There is a free parking in front of the hotel. To move around we advice public transportation, see above.

Web access.

There is free wired internet in the hotel. During the conference, there will be wireless access for the participants in the lecture hall and in the computer room.

Food and events

There will be coffee breaks in the morning and in the afternoon. There will be also lunch service on each lecture day i.e. 28, 29 and 30 June.

On Friday evening there will be a social event consisting of

  •  visiting the museum of the Jagiellonian University (one of the oldest universities in Europe)
  • music concert in the historical yard of the Jagiellonian University;
  • conference dinner.


The best option is to go to the Old Town (the area surrounded by a Park called Planty, in the place of the medieval city walls built in XIV century.

In this area there is a big variety of restaurants serving a traditional Polish food:

Nostalgia (Karmelicka 10)
Wesele (Main Market Square 10)
Krew i Róża (Grodzka 9)
Chłopskie Jadło (peasants food - Jana 3)

Some international food is available at:

Trattoria Mamma Mia (Karmelicka 14)
Trattoria Soprano (Anny 7)
Carlito (Florianska 7)
Cyrano de Bergerac (Sławkowska 6):

- and many, many other places at all main streets in the Old Town (cf. [List of ca. 250 restaurants])

A special place is Kazimierz - the former Jewish quarter with enormous variety of restaurants


Szara Kazimierz (Szeroka 3)
Ariel (Szeroka 18)

I know only a few vegetarian places:

Vega (Krupnicza 22)
Green Way (Mikolajska 14)
A special place is thesalad bar Chimera  (Anny 3 in a courtyard, with restaurant in
a beautiful celler).

The best option for a walk is the Old Town from the Main Market Square to the Wawel Hill
with the Royal Castle, with enormous number of interesting restaurants and churches to visit.

In the evening you can visit one of pubs providing live jazz music (e.g.  U Muniaka  Florianska 3).

  The conference is partially supported by the City of Cracow within the program Cracow Scientific Conferences.